Friday, September 3, 2010

What I like and why!

I love Papa because he has a rocket ship, and it's so cool. The rocket ship is red. It goes off into outer space and comes back. Outer space is kinda starish and kinda space-ish.
I love trains. I also love PBS kids and I like school because it is so apple-ish. I like to learn about bananas and apples. I like numbers better than letters because they are fun to count.
I like clams, swordfish, octopus, crabs, seashells, and coral and banana fishes (they eat all the fish that taste like bananas). They all live under the sea.
I love Abbie and I love Kaytie, too. I love Mom. I love God. I love Nate. I love Dad. I love Granny. I love Alex and Papa. I love Nana.